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Munchers are state of the art creatures that can help to clean the plastics from the oceans by supporting non-profit organizations. They are appearing as NFTs on the eco-friendly “block-chain”. Each Muncher contributes to charity organizations that take care of reducing ocean pollution.

No bonding curve or FOMO pricing. All Munchers cost 0.077ETH.
Each Muncher contributes to charity organizations like Ocean Cleanup and Zero Waste that take care of reducing ocean pollution.
Munchers can be reproduced and used for game, breed new offspring or be sold in the marketplace.
Munchers will be created completely randomly during minting with over 5mio. possible combinations.


What it’s all about?
At least five trillion pieces of plastic are floating in the oceans.

Floating islands of waste are forming on our blue planet, accumulating more than 150 million tons of plastics. Recent studies are showing that there is also a very high level of pollution with plastics inside fishes, turtles, whales, and sea birds. 

By 2050 there will be more plastics than fish in the oceans – if we don’t take actions
Manufacturing of plastics has highly increased around the world in the last decades. That's the reason there is a lot of waste plastics in the seas and oceans. Without acting, it will be one tone of plastics per three tons of fish until 2025, and more plastics than fishes until 2050.

Let's make a change! 


About our project and why?
Plastics waste in oceans is a rapidly growing problem on our blue planet. Different animals mistake the waste for food, consequently plastics and the various toxic elements get into animals and through them to our food chain. Many times micro plastic is also causing a death of otherwise healthy animal. With a death of animals there is no natural eco system and the planet will destroy itself.
Explore the world of Munchers
Munchers are created with the sole purpose to clean the world’s oceans. Every Muncher is represented as NFT and has a unique shape and traits. With traits Muncher can eat and destroy the plastics in oceans.

Every Muncher owner will have an option to play the Muncher game and literally start with cleaning. The more Muncher cleans, the better will become. Higher level of Muncher enable better "breeding" potential. 

Don't forget Munchers (NFTs) live on an eco-friendly block-chain, they truly belong to you.
How do Munchers help clean the ocean?
Simple. We make a commitment to donate 30% of each sale to selected environmental organizations from all around the world dealing with oceans cleaning. Because there is more plastic waste every day, any donation will be more than welcome in their activities.
Let’s play the MUNCHERS GAME

Munchers is a new revolutionary type of game filled with state of the art creatures. You will have an option to collect creatures as your own pets. You will discover islands in the oceans which are covered with polluted plastics, avoid threats, and discover random and main prizes. Let your Muncher gather enough plastic to allow it to start the "breeding" process.
Use bio-gradable materials to replace disposable plastic.
Developing countries’ government shift investment from plastic production to disposable plastic or paper.
Start acting NOW and STOP polluting our OCEANS with plastic
Double the amount of recyclable materials in packaging design.
Enforce government laws to restrict plastic production and subsidize businesses producing recycled materials.